Project moderne talen


‘I couldn’t imagine what life would be like with another sister. Now I can’t imagine life without her. That’s what I want my great-grandchild to see. How much she matters to me. ‘

‘I want to show my great-grandchildren how much I loved playing football. These football boots are really worn out because I just can’t stop playing this beautiful game. I hope my great-grandchildren inherit my love of football and enjoy playing it as much as I do.’

‘I have added some coins. These might be really strange to my great-grandchild because I have no idea of how people are going to pay in the future.’

Touching and entertaining stories in EDP! Our pupils constructed a time capsule and filled it with treasures for their great-grandchildren. Clippings, scouts shirts, precious photographs, cuddly toys and baby shoes… they all disappeared into this chest of treasures that might one day be unveiled by their future relatives. Wonderful stories were told, in wonderfully eloquent talks.

EDP loves languages!